Frequently Asked Questions about Fire TV Stick

  • No, we are not a free service provider. You will need to have the membership in order to enjoy our services.

  • You can buy the Fire TV stick from the Amazon official website here.

  • With Amazon Fire TV stick you will have access to all of your subscripted streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime and so on.

  • Yes, you can take the leverage of streaming the content from Hulu via your Fire TV stick.  All you will need is the active Hulu account along with its credentials.

  • The Fire TV stick is the alternative for your ordinary cable TV. It is a plug and play device that connects with the HDMI port of your HD or UHDTV and allows you to stream content through the Wi-Fi. It is a bit similar with other such devices in the market such as ROKU and Chromecast.

  • HDMI converter is used to establish a connection between the Fire TV stick and the TV sets that don’t have the HDMI port.
    No HDMI converter is not necessary for the Fire TV stick, as most of TV sets have the HDMI port.  But it is the prominent requirement for TV sets that do not have the HDMI port.

  • Sorry, but you can’t execute the Amazon Fire TV setup without an active Amazon account. But, you can create your Amazon account for free in less than 5 minutes and not only this you can also avail the 30 days prime membership trial program.

  • You can have N number of devices associated with your account but you can only stream videos in any two devices at a time for a given account.

  • If you wish to access the free stuff using your Fire TV stick then you need the adequate channels that provide free content such as Youtube and FXnow (comes under the cable subscription).

  • To connect the Fire TV stick to your Wi-Fi without using the remote you can take the help of Fire TV remote app and a device that can create a personal hotspot.

  • Yes, there is a procedure to make your Fire TV stick work without the HDMI, this is possible with the use of HDMI converter to establish the connection between the Fire TV stick and the TV sets without the HDMI port.

  • Just follow the adequate setup process of Fire TV stick stated on the website and be cautious to follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Also, you can use the additional streaming options using the other streaming apps.

  • Amazon Prime membership is not required for Fire TV stick but in order to have the access of Amazon Prime Streaming library, you need the prime membership.

  • Here are the basic requirements to set up Fire TV Stick:
    1. HD or UHDTV with an HDMI port.
    2. Wi-Fi connection with a reliable Internet connection.
    3.  Fire Stick Device.
    4. An active Amazon account with valid credentials.

  • For streaming Standard Definition content you will require at least 3MBPS. And, if you want to stream the High Definition content you will need 6 MBPS or more.

  • Yes, Amazon Fire Stick requires an Internet connection and without the Internet, it is a dead device as the Fire TV Stick’s content is only accessible with the Internet.