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Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels – New List 2018

Published On: July 18, 2018 Category: Guide

In this guide, we will make you familiar with the latest list of Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels and how to watch them. Apart from it, you will be also got to know about the best Amazon Fire stick apps.

The Amazon Fire TV stick is the best ordinary Cable cord cutting option due to its affordable price. Not only the price but also what makes it unique from other similar devices is the Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels.

So if you are thinking of how to shrink your Cable Bill, Fire TV stick is the answer.

How to choose the best Amazon Fire Stick Channels (Free and Premium):

Fire Stick Channels is one of the crucial components of this device that gives you the leverage of long entertainment hours. You can access the tons of media content using the Fire Stick Channels.

However, it seems to be a very complex situation when it comes to picking the best Fire Stick Channels. So as per the user’s reviews, we have made the list of best rated Fire Stick Channels of 2018.  

Let’s us start our long list with the Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels.

Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels

Amazon Fire Free Channels is the best part of the Amazon Fire TV stick. What can be more enjoyable than having a free Channel with all the latest movies, your favorite shows, and faster streaming?

So here are the best Free Fire Stick Channels that you must use on your Fire TV Stick:

Terrarium TV:

Terrarium TV is one of the most trending Amazon Fire Stick apps nowadays. This is because it provides you with all the HD stuff that you want totally FREE. And the best part is you can watch all this stuff anytime and anywhere.              

This is the best free Fire Stick channel. Also, you won’t get any buffering issue due to its blazing fast servers.  You will require the “Yes Player” in order to stream the content with the Terrarium TV channel.

Here’s how to install Terrarium TV on the Fire TV Stick:

1. First of all, you have to go to the “Developer options” under the “Device” in the “Settings”.
2. Under the “Developer Option” select the “Apps from Unknown Sources” and click on “Turn ON”.
3. Now go to the Fire TV stick Home Screen.
4. In case if you have the “downloader” then go to the 6th step. Else, install the downloader first.
5. To install the downloader search “Downloader” in the search bar on the top right. Click on the downloader icon and then “Download”.

How to use the “Downloader”:

6. Once the Download is done open the “Downloader”. Select the “Browser” under the “Home” option.
7. Now you will see a JAVA script enabled notification on your screen. Hit “Ok”.
8. Take your cursor to the address bar and press the select button of the Fire TV remote. This will open the keyboard.
9. Now type in the following URL- using your Fire TV remote.

“Additional Tip- If your Fire TV remote frequently unpair or disconnects with your Fire TV stick, then read this guide for the latest hacks for Fire Stick Remote not working (”

10. Check for the latest .apk file and download it.
11. After that click the “install”.
12. Once the app is installed, select from the bottom right.
13.  Next step is Click Allow for all Terrarium TV prompts and to choose the Yes player as your default player.
Note: You will be prompted to install the “Yes player” if the player is not installed.


Mobro is also one of the best streaming applications that provide you with free video streams using the web. Basically, it is a tool which gives you accessibility to free video streams that are available online.

Mobdro is not available on the Amazon Fire TV app store. But we have provided the adequate procedure to install the Mobdro to your Fire TV stick.  Mobdro works as Panacea for problems occurs with live streaming. Mobdro along with the Kodi enhances the streaming capabilities of the Fire TV stick to the next level.

Here’s how you can install Mobdro to your Fire TV Stick:

1. Likewise the Terrarium TV, the Mobdro will also need the “Downloader”.
2. Prior to going to the “Downloader”, ensure that you have enabled the “turn on” option for “Apps from unknown resources” under the “Developer Options” in the “Device” column of the “Settings” tab.
3. Open the Downloader and enable the “Allow” option so that “Downloader” can access files on your device.
4.  Select the “Browser” under the “Home” and click OK when JavaScript notification appears on your screen.
5. Type – on the address bar using the digital keyboard and click on “go”.
6. This will initiate the download. Wait till the download gets completed.
7. Click on the install on the right bottom of your screen.
8.  After you see the “app installed” message on your screen, tap on “Done”.
9.  Now you will go back to the Downloader app, ensure you click the “Delete here”.
10. Thereafter, locate the Mobdro icon in the “Your apps and Channels” section on your home screen.
11. Click on the icon and your Mobdro is ready to use.’

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming legal app that provides you with Live TV, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, Movies, TV shows and much more.

As the content is free as well as legal, you might not get the great quantity of the content. But you will surely get some good stuff (movies, TV shows, sports and even news). Also, it doesn’t require enabling the “apps from unknown resources” in the developing mode for the installation.

You might encounter some commercials, but you will enjoy the buffer free streaming.  Apart from Fire TV stick, you can also use this great app on your desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Eager to install the Pluto TV?

Installing Pluto TV on Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Execute these steps to install and start using the Pluto TV on your Fire TV Stick:

  1. Go to the main menu and click on the search bar at the top left.
    2. Type and search for Pluto TV.
    3.  From the results, click the Pluto TV icon.
    4.  Tap on “Get”.
    5.  This will initiate an auto- download and installation of the Pluto TV.
    6. Finally click “Open” in order to explore your Pluto TV, one of the best Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels.

Crackle TV by SONY

Crackle developed by Sony Entertainment is also a great app to stream free videos.  This is the best app if you are looking for some quality content such as award-winning TV shows and movies.

This app is for those who are a real admirer of quality content. But in order to have the complete access to the content, you will require an active Crackle account.

One of the best features of this app is the Parental Control. You can use this feature to control the access to the content according to the age basis.

You can download the Crackle TV from the Amazon app store. Also if you wish to know how to download it directly to your Fire TV stick using the instructions stated underneath:

1.  Go to the Fire TV menu.
2.  Click on the magnifying glass on the top right.
3.   On the search bar, type Crackle TV.
4.  Select the Crackle TV icon from the results.
5.  Hit the “Download”.
6.  After the download, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

Free Flix  HQ

Free Flix HQ is quite distinct from its fellow mates. This is because you can’t have it from the app store; you will need to download the app after turning on the permission of downloading the apps from unknown resources.

The best about the Free Flix is you can even download your favorite movie or TV shows to watch them later on. Not only this, with Free Flix you will also get the access to Anime shows and movies. And, every show and movie comes with pre-added subtitles.

This app also helps you to keep the track of your content. This is very helpful for parents to check what their children are watching.

Installing Fire Flix HQ on Fire TV Stick:

1. For installing Free Flix, first turn on the permission for downloading the apps from unknown resources in the developing mode of the device’s settings from the menu.
2. Thereafter, go to the downloader and click on the browser.
3. Type in the address bar using your Fire TV remote.
4. Now select the “Download APK link”.
5. This will initiate the download. And once the download is completed, the installation will start automatically.
6. Just follow the on-screen instructions to save some settings and you are good to start with the Free Flix HQ.

So these are the best Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels or the Amazon Fire Stick apps that you must try.  And it’s not the end yet, keep an eye on this post as we will continue to enhance this list. And, your every query is welcome at Toll-Free (US/Canada) 1-877-773-5395  Fire Support Online.