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Amazon Fire Stick remote replacement – Best Options 2018

Published On: July 23, 2018 Category: Guide

Looking for Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement?  Well here are the best and the latest alternatives for the Amazon Fire Stick Remote. These alternatives work efficiently with all generations of Fire TV stick.

Everyone knows how frustrating it becomes to find or purchase the Fire TV remote when you accidentally broke or lost your Fire TV stick. But thanks to the Amazon Fire Stick remote alternatives that work very appreciable with the Fire TV or the Stick.

Some users are happier using these alternatives than using the actual Fire TV remote due to the additional features offered by these Alternatives. So let’s see what these Amazon Fire Stick Remote replacements are and how you can get them.

Best Alternatives for Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement:

Amazon Fire Stick Remote being very handy are prone to be easily lost.  Sometimes either your couch swallows your remote or your Kids adrift the remote while playing around.  And even some users also claimed that their dogs have chewed the remote.

Well, it’s not the “reasons” that we are concerned about, instead, the thing is what the alternatives available are for the Fire TV remote.

So mentioned below are the best alternatives for the Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement, also included, how and where to get them.

Replacement Remote for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The first one on the list of the best alternatives for Fire TV Stick is the Amazon’s Replacement remote for Fire TV stick. This Replacement remote is compatible with all the generations of the Fire TV stick.  

You can purchase it directly through Amazon( 


  1. Works efficiently with all generations of the Fire TV and the Stick.
  2. Very easy to pair and use.
  3. Allows you to control your Fire TV stick from any part of the room using the Bluetooth.
  4. It just costs about 5-10 dollars.


  • It’s not voice operated.
  • Most of the time remains unavailable on the Amazon.
  • It is not compatible with the Fire TV cube.

How to pair your replacement remote with Amazon Fire TV Stick:
Using these steps you will pair your replacement remote with Fire Stick in less than 5 minutes:

  • First of all, restart your Fire TV stick.
  • Ensure that the distance between the remote and the Fire Stick in minimum.
  • Trigger the pairing mode by press the home button of the remote for 15 seconds.
  • Now your replacement remote will auto-pair with your stick.

    “Tip: You can only pair 7 remotes and game-controllers to your Fire TV stick at a given time.”

Alexa voice remote for Amazon Fire Stick and TV.

The second alternative is to buy the new Alexa voice remote. This is the original remote that works great with Amazon Fire Stick, TV and the cube.

You can purchase it from Amazon for a price of approximately $30.  This is not a good deal at all as you can buy the new Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice remote for just $39.99.  This is the worst thing about this alternative.

1.  Good compatibility with Fire TV, Fire TV stick and even with the Fire TV cube.
2.  Have the built-in mic for Voice Search commands.
3.  Good connectivity that allows you to control your Fire TV without pointing the remote to it.

1.  Quite costly.

Pairing process:

You can pair the Alexa voice remote to your Fire TV stick via implementing the same pairing process stated above for replacement remote. However, if you face any issue, read this guide – Fire TV Stick remote not working (

Both of the above-mentioned alternatives are works very well, but is there any other option available for free?
The answer to this question is yes.  In fact, there are two options available that works great as Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement and are totally free of cost.

Let’s see what those are.

1. Amazon Fire TV remote app

Fire TV remote app is one of the best free options for Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacement. But for this, you must have a smartphone.  The Fire TV remote app provides you a virtual remote that is completely identical to the original Fire TV remote.

Not only this virtual remote is identical to the original remote, but also can perform all the functions that the physical remote does.  This app is available for both platforms- iPhone and Android.

Where to download the Fire TV remote app?

You can download the Fire TV remote app from here. All you need is to click on the adequate platform of the device on which you wish to install the app. For instance, to download the Fire TV app to your Android phone, click on the Android option.

Once the app gets downloaded, it will auto install to your device. Also, make sure the Fire TV remote app can only be downloaded to –
Android devices that have version 4.0.3 or above.
Fire Tablets of the third generation and above.
iPhones with a minimum iOS version of 7.0.

Pairing the Fire TV remote app:

After downloading and installing the app, you can pair the fire TV remote app to your Fire Stick using these steps:
1.  Turn on the power supply to your Fire TV stick.
2.  Ensure that the Fire TV and the device on which the app is installed is connected to the same network.
3.  Now open the Fire TV remote app and it will initiate a scan for your Fire Stick.
4. Once it discovers the Stick, a code will generate on your screen.
5. Just enter this code on your remote app and kudos your Fire TV remote app is successfully paired with the Fire TV stick.       

Best Features of Fire TV remote:

  1. “Alexa Voice Search”
    There are many Fire Stick versions that are not compatible with the Alexa Voice remote for Fire TV stick.  But with the Fire TV remote app, you can use the Alexa Voice search functionality with any generation of the Fire TV stick.
  2. Enjoy Apps and games:
    With the Alexa Fire TV remote, you can have access to all the downloaded apps and games easily using your phone. This will make you free from scrolling through the apps and the games on your TV screen.
  3. Key Board option:
    This is one of the best features of the Fire TV remote app. We all are aware of how difficult and frustrating it becomes when you have to type something using the Fire TV remote. But thanks to the Fire TV remote app that allows you to select the keyboard option and you can easily type anything you want using your phone.

2. Cetus Play app

Cetus play app not only works well with the Fire TV stick but also with the numerous devices as an alternative remote controller. Like the Fire TV remote app, Cetus Play App is also a free app that you can have from the Google Play Store ( And, iPhone users can find this app on their Apple’s app store (

Once you install the Cetus Play app thereafter, this app can be paired with almost any remote operating device including the Fire TV and the Fire TV stick.

How to pair Cetus Play app with your Fire TV Stick:
To pair Cetus Play app with your Fire TV stick do this:
1. Open the Cetus Play app.
2. Click on the “Configure” Button. It will be at the upper left-hand corner.
3.  Finally, choose your Fire TV Stick.

Best Features of Cetus Play app:

1. Different Navigation mode:
Cetus Play app offers users different navigation modes. The currently available modes are the Direction-Pad mode, TouchPad mode, Mouse mode and the Keyboard mode. You can find these modes on the upper right-hand corner of the app.

2. “My apps” tab:
This tab allows you to quickly open the app that you wish to open rather than wasting time in scrolling all the downloaded apps.

3. “Application Center”:
The “Application Center” tab of the Cetus Play app allows you to install the popular and trending Amazon Fire Stick apps like Terrarium TV only using your phone. 

“Tip – To know about the latest Fire stick free channels and apps, read Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels – New List 2018 (

3. Play on TV”:

The “Play on TV”  functionality of  the Cetus Play app allows the user to stream media contents like photos or videos that are stored on your phone directly to your TV screen,

4. “Clean Master”

Clean Master of the Cetus Play app cleans out the cache by closing the apps that are not in use. This enhances the performance of your Fire TV stick.

So these are the best Amazon Fire Stick Remote Replacements that are worth to try, especially the Fire TV remote app. And we will keep adding more to this list as per the updates. Moreover, if you have any query related to Fire TV stick, feel free to contact our experts at Toll-Free (US/Canada) 1-877-773-5395