Refund Policy

Refund Policy of FireSupport Online

At Fire Stick Support, our team solely concentrates on providing the best client satisfactory services to anyhow. And that is why we are confident enough to provide our customers a 60 days money refund policy in case you find our services to be unsatisfactory or not acquiring the firm resolutions for any Fire Stick issue. However, our refund policy is based on some criteria’s:

1. Users that are under 60 days period of their service from the date to which their service was initiated is only liable for this policy. Thereafter we will not entertain any of your refund requests.
2. Our all billing charges are comprised of all the liable taxes (including the duty tax).
3. For every refund appliance, the user must have a valid reason.
4. In case, your issues with the Fire TV stick are resolved and after a few days if you are asking for a refund then a certain amount will be charged as the Technician Fee.
5. We do not keep any of your credit card information with us and do not execute any billing without your consent.
6. It is to be duly noted that in every scenario or circumstances, our management’s decision will be the last decision for the refund granted.