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The following set out are the terms & conditions only implying which you may use the content on Fire Support online.com website and its subsidiaries.  Fire Support Online is an Independent Technical Support Provider Company that provides technical assistance for Amazon Fire TV stick troubleshooting.  However, we do not have any direct or indirect affiliation with Amazon or it is any subsidiaries.

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    You can easily access our website without requiring any permission but any use of the content of our site prior to our consent is strictly prohibited. If you wish to link our content or have some other queries email us at support@firesupportonline.com.

  2. About the subscriptions:

    We only entertain customers that have the subscriptions to our services. In case you wish to opt for the services call us at +18885695118. Also, if you are seeking the one time fix, then you will have to pay the technician fee.

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    There is certain information that gets auto collected when you visit our site. This includes your device – laptop, mobile or computer, corresponding browsers.

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 Copying, reproducing of the content of the Fire Support Online or its subsidiaries is strictly prohibited,

Using someone else’s identity to take the leverage of his/her membership is also prohibited.

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